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Terms of Service

  1. Delegating to a Bliss Dynamics validator implies acceptance of these Terms of Service.

  2. These Terms of Service may be modified at any time without notice.

  3. Delegators should not delegate their tokens to Bliss Dynamics without a full understanding of the risks of participation in proof-of-stake blockchains.

  4. Delegation to a Bliss Dynamics validator is done so at the delegator's own risk.

  5. A delegator's tokens may be slashed for the misbehaviour of the validator for either downtime or double signing.

  6. Bliss Dynamics shall endeavour to communicate downtime, slashing and commission changes via social channels, but this service is not guaranteed.

  7. Blockchain is experimental software and services are provided on an as-is basis. Results may be unpredictable and unexpected.

  8. Unstaking takes 21 days as stipulated by the Cosmos SDK and delegators are responsible for making their own decisions regarding transactions and timing.

  9. Delegators shall use the service for lawful purposes only.

  10. To the fullest extend allowable by law, in no event shall Bliss Dynamics or its employees be liable for any damages whether financial or otherwise.

  11. All matters relating to these Terms of Service are governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Victoria, Australia.

  12. Any claim arising out of the services provided by Bliss Dynamics must be commenced within 6 months after the cause. Otherwise such claim will be permanently waived by the claimant.​​

  13. If any term of these Terms of Service is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, this shall not affect any other term.

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