Bliss Dynamics


Based in Australia and founded by Aerospace Engineer Kamuel Bob, Bliss Dynamics is structured to deliver high quality, agile and effective solutions in the blockchain space.

Bliss Dynamic's services focus largely on projects within the Cosmos Ecosystem. Combining the modular and scalable design of the Cosmos SDK with the environmentally friendly 'Proof of Stake' consensus mechanism, Tendermint and the interoperable and permissionless Inter Blockchain Communication ("IBC") protocol into an open-source technology that is so far unrivalled in the industry.

Bliss Dynamics has been validating on Cosmos SDK based blockchains since early 2018, including being formally classified in the top 29 "never jailed" validators in the adversarial Cosmos testnet "Game of Stakes".

Game of Stakes Closing Ceremonies

Since the successful launch of the Cosmos Hub in 2019, through to the current IBC era and beyond, Bliss Dynamics is an active participant in the Cosmos Ecosystem with a focus on spreading awareness, education, technical support and participation in on-chain governance.