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Bliss Dynamics

Don't trust, verify! Please always check the Keybase proofs of any validator that you are delegating to via the link in the 16-digit code underneath their name in Big Dipper. Bliss Dynamics validator proofs will direct you back to this website or our Twitter.

It is highly recommended to use a hardware wallet such as a Ledger to secure your funds. Always DYOR and please read our Terms of Service before delegating.

View Bliss Dynamics' Akash validator in Mintscan
Address: akashvaloper1h0lfv7axpx6h6xz0k54q3vkvmlw2yp93cknhum
Commission: 1.5%
Max Commission: 5%

Use the following guide to delegate either through the Cosmostation App, or through KeplrAkash delegation guide
View Bliss Dynamics' Chihuahua validator in Mintscan
🌱100% carbon neutral operations🌱 
Address: chihuahuavaloper1je4kuxeegr5q290taegdzar0s0tpjahwfqenf2
Commission: 5% (minimum allowed by the blockchain)
Max Commission: 35%

Delegate through Keplr through the Omniflix Wallet

View Bliss Dynamics' SGE Network validator on Cosmotracker

Address: sgevaloper15qald3znxnvamayauhymjryx9ars7y23ven57z

Commission: 5%

Max Commission: 25%

Watch this space...

Bliss Dynamics is constantly evaluating Cosmos SDK sovereign blockchains for suitability to provide validator services.


As the Cosmos Ecosystem grows, so does Bliss Dynamics!

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