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with Bliss Dynamics

Providing validation services for Cosmos SDK based proof of stake blockchains since 2018, Bliss Dynamics actively participates in development, testing, operations and governance within the growing Cosmos Ecosystem.

Leverage our blockchain consulting services to launch your own token or guide you on how to best integrate blockchain into your business operations.

Or simply delegate with Bliss Dynamics and take advantage of our innovative low fee/high uptime delivery model to maximise your returns.

Cosmos Network Ecosystem

Our Services
Cosmos Hub Overview

The Cosmos Hub is the central core of the "Internet of Blockchains". Find out what it is and how it's put together.

Sovereign Chains and IBC

The Cosmos Ecosystem is made up of an unlimited number of sovereign blockchains connected via IBC.

Governance Methodology

As a validator, your vote is our responsibility. Bliss Dynamics votes transparently and in line with our values.

Uptime Management

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability are crucial to maintaining validator uptime and maximising returns on your assets.

Security Measures

High levels of security are mandatory on a PoS validator. Bliss Dynamics employs numerous means to ensure our operations.

Delegate to Bliss Dynamics

Bliss Dynamics is constantly adding new blockchains and features to our validating services. 

New Mainnet!

Six Sigma Sports have launched the SGE Network!


Twitter Announcement

Start earning rewards today!

Follow the instructions to delegate to one of the Bliss Dynamics validators safely and securely and start generating rewards.

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